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Offshore Betting Sites Accepting Zelle Deposits

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Zelle Pay is one of the newest gambling banking methods that offshore betting sites support, though they do so slightly indirectly. While no reputable online betting site will advertise Zelle directly, Zelle is a great way for first-time crypto buyers to bypass lengthy wait times associated with buying into crypto at the major exchanges.

This page is dedicated to giving new online gamblers an easy walkthrough of how to use Zelle to fund their accounts. The process is the same at any legitimate offshore gambling venue that accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies because you’re actually using Zelle to purchase BTC, which you then deposit at your betting site of choice.

To learn what Zelle is and how to use the popular money transfer service to fund your online gambling, our brief guide to the best offshore betting sites supporting Zelle-Bitcoin banking is everything you need. After you discover how easy and safe it is to use Zelle to make crypto deposits online, you’re going to be able to get the fastest deposits and payouts and the best bonuses!

The Best Gambling Sites That Accept Zelle-Bitcoin Deposits 2024

Site NameBonus OfferPayoutU.S.Join
Top Offshore Casinos For 2024
Bovada Logo100% Bonus Max $3,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
casinomax logo325% Bonus Max $9,75024-48 HoursVisit Review
SlotsLV logo200% Bonus Max $3,00024-48 HoursVisit
roaring 21 logo200% Bonus Max $10,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
Lucky Red Casino Logo400% Bonus Max $4,000Up To 5 DaysVisit Review
Cafe Casino Logo350% Bonus Max $2,50024-48 HoursVisit Review
Best Offshore Sportsbooks For 2024
Bovada Logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
BetUS Logo125% Bonus Max $3,12524-48 HoursVisit Review
Betonline Logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
MyBookie site logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
Most Trusted Offshore Poker Sites For 2024
Bovada Logo100% Bonus Max $50024-48 HoursVisit Review
Betonline Logo100% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review

What Is Zelle?

Zelle logoZelle, or Zelle Pay, is a US-only instant-pay system that is developed and employed by a consortium of major US banks and financial institutions. If you have a US bank account, you probably already have access to Zelle via your online banking suite or mobile banking app.

Effectively, Zelle is a competitor to PayPal, Venmo, Cash App gambling, and other similar services, allowing account holders to send money directly to other account holders instantly and without fees.

If your bank doesn’t directly support Zelle, you can still download the standalone Zelle app (which you fund as you would a PayPal account) and use that to transfer funds. However, with the non-bank Zelle app, there are daily and weekly transfer limits that are much smaller than those supported by banks and credit unions that offer the service.

With Zelle, you can immediately send funds to any other US-based Zelle account holder, and these are viewed almost like cash transactions. Banks themselves take a hands-off approach with all Zelle transfers, so it’s imperative that you only ever send Zelle payments to people or companies you trust. That said, you are protected in the case of fraudulent Zelle transactions, like those initiated by unauthorized users.

Ultimately, Zelle is a safe, secure platform, and it’s used by legal offshore betting sites to help American customers quickly purchase Bitcoin for depositing into their gambling accounts.

How Zelle Works To Fund Offshore Betting

Because the most trusted offshore betting sites cannot directly accept Zelle transfers, you cannot use Zelle to fund your online gambling directly. For those interested in online slots, poker, sports betting, and horse racing betting, Zelle is used to quickly purchase Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies), which can then be sent to your operator of choice quickly and securely.

In this way, Zelle is a sort of access point to buy crypto in just minutes instead of days, as popular Bitcoin exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges often take over a week to process your USD-to-BTC payments before you can even get access to your funds.

For online gamblers, this long wait time is not ideal, which is precisely why Zelle – and the Zelle-to-Bitcoin process – is ideal!

Note: At participating sites, you can also use the Zelle P2P service to make deposits and claim payouts using vouchers, player transfers, and/or the MatchPay service. Our Venmo gambling page discusses these banking methods in greater detail.

How To Use Zelle For Online Gambling

To use Zelle for offshore betting purposes, there are a few steps to follow. First, you must ensure that your site of choice accepts Bitcoin deposits, as all the venues listed here do. After that, all you need to know is that Zelle can be used with all Bitcoin betting sites!

And since Bitcoin and other cryptos earn you the best online betting bonuses and are the only funding methods that allow for same-day payouts, it makes good sense for first-time crypto buyers to use the Zelle-to-BTC process. It’s quick and easy, and the required steps are outlined in the next section.

Zelle-To-Bitcoin Transfers

Zelle works for offshore betting because Zelle lets you quickly buy Bitcoin. You can also purchase various other altcoins with Zelle (like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Stellar, Ripple, and so on), but most online gamblers prefer to purchase Bitcoin. It’s the most popular cryptocurrency by far, and it’s also arguably the best crypto investment.

Remember, when you use Zelle to make Bitcoin betting deposits, you can get paid out in BTC or other supported crypto coins, which tend to appreciate rather than depreciate in value over the long term. This is more bang for your buck, and Bitcoin/crypto remains our most recommended online bet funding option.

To purchase Bitcoin with Zelle and then use that BTC for online betting, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Use any link here to sign up at a reputable offshore betting site. These sites are all vetted, established industry leaders, and they’re safe to use. Be sure to use your real information during the sign-up process, as you must verify your identity to receive any payouts when you win.
  2. Register for a free account by visiting an online crypto exchange. This takes only a few minutes, and the basic account lets you use Zelle to purchase BTC from private vendors.
  3. Look for a Zelle vendor in your area. Since Zelle can only be sent and received by US-based individuals and businesses, you’ll need to make sure your seller is in the USA.
  4. Select the amount of Bitcoin you wish to purchase and complete the process.
  5. Your Bitcoin seller will now release the requisite amount of BTC into your account. When your Zelle funds and your seller’s Bitcoin are both in escrow, The crypto exchange will release your new Bitcoin to you and release your funds to the seller. This is the fastest way to buy Bitcoin, and because of this escrow system, it is also very safe.
  6. Now that you have Bitcoin in your digital wallet, you can send it to your own Bitcoin wallet or send it to your betting site of choice.
  7. To get your betting account funded, head over to your online gambling site’s Cashier page and select the Bitcoin deposit option. From here, you will receive a Bitcoin address. This is your site’s Bitcoin-receiving wallet address. Copy this down.
  8. In your own BTC wallet, select the “send” option and enter the above address in the recipient field. Click or tap to submit the order, and within 5-10 minutes, you will see your funds credited to your betting account.

That’s all there is to it! Once you’ve used Zelle to buy Bitcoin and then have transferred that BTC to your betting site of choice, the only thing left to do is browse the games, the odds boards, the virtual felts, and the online stables so you can enjoy the best real money online gambling legally, from anywhere in the US!

Note: Depending on the site you use, your Bitcoin gambling deposit may be credited as USD or as mBTC. This latter stands for milliBitcoin, and you may also see it denoted as m₿. A milliBitcoin is one-thousandth of a Bitcoin, so this is an easier denomination for bettors to use.

Types Of Offshore Betting Sites Accepting Zelle Pay Bitcoin Deposits

There are four different major gambling markets covered by the selection of offshore betting sites listed here. These all accept Zelle via the Zelle-to-BTC method outlined above, which means you can fund and enjoy every kind of online betting you can imagine as long as you have access to Zelle Pay and a few minutes to spare.

Casinos That Accept Zelle

Zelle casino sites, like Bovada, Café Casino, Roaring 21, and others, all offer massive selections of online gambling classics. You can play hundreds of different RNG (random number generation) games, no matter what your game is.

These virtual casino games are regularly audited for fair iGaming compliance, and the developers that make these titles are widely regarded as the best in the business. In fact, many of them are the very same companies that make electronic slots and virtual table games at the top brick-and-mortar casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and beyond!

The best offshore casinos that support Zelle-to-BTC transfers include all of the following games – and a whole lot more:

  • 3-Reel Slots
  • 5-Reel Slots
  • 3D Slots
  • Progressive Jackpot Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette (American + European)
  • Craps
  • Keno
  • Baccarat
  • Mini-Bac (aka Super 6)
  • Bingo
  • Lottery Games
  • Live Dealer Casino Games
  • + More!

Sportsbooks That Accept Zelle

Many of the best offshore casinos for US gamblers include full international sportsbooks. Bovada and BetOnline are great examples, and these sites all have thousands of daily odds and lines on all the most popular sports, leagues, players, and teams.

In addition to these games, live betting – aka in-game betting – is also supported, which means that your chances to win don’t stop when the game starts.

Supported bet types at the top offshore sports betting sites include straight moneyline bets, spread bets, totals (aka over/under bets), player props, team props, game props, futures bets, and even parlays where you can pad your bankroll with massive payouts.

The sports and leagues supported at offshore sportsbooks that offer Zelle-to-BTC deposits include the following, just to name a few:

  • NFL Football
  • NCAA Football
  • NBA Basketball
  • NHL Hockey
  • MLS Soccer
  • Premier League Soccer
  • Bundesliga Soccer
  • La Liga Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • eSports
  • Politics
  • Entertainment
  • + More!

Poker Sites That Accept Zelle

The best online poker sites all accept Zelle-to-Bitcoin transfers to help you deposit quickly so you don’t miss the next hot tournament.

As with sports betting, not every site listed here offers a full online poker room, but many do. At those operators (i.e., Bovada, BetOnline, etc.), you’ll have access to cash poker tables with multi-table support, small and medium-sized Sit ‘N’ Go tournaments, and full online poker tournaments with hundreds or even thousands of players, where the final table winners can earn six-figure payouts!

At offshore sites, online poker tournaments are scheduled, and available 24/7/365, and the following poker game types are offered at different buy-ins for poker players of every skill level:

  • Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi/Lo

Horse Betting Sites That Accept Zelle

Several of the most reputable offshore gambling operators also run full international racebooks for fans of the ponies. These legal online racebooks utilize both house-banked and pari-mutuel betting options, giving horseplayers access to morning line odds, futures, and more.

Tracks from all around the US are supported at the best horse racing betting sites, and the most popular circuits from other countries are offered, as well. You can bet on horses online with these off-track betting sites no matter where you are in the US and no matter where in the world the races themselves are held.

Thoroughbred, American Quarter Horse, and harness horse racing are all on offer from the following countries and regions:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • + More!

Offshore Mobile Betting With Zelle Transfers

Zelle mobile iconZelle is mostly used by mobile customers who do their financials on their smartphones, which makes it the perfect complement to the mobile betting that all the best offshore gambling sites have on tap.

But while you can download an official iPhone Zelle app or Android Zelle app, you don’t actually need any apps at all to enjoy every type of online gambling available from the best operators. These sites each use web apps instead of native app downloads, which means they’re accessible regardless of the mobile device you prefer.

With dynamic designs that fit any size of screen, it doesn’t matter if you have the smallest iPhone, the biggest Android, or even a huge tablet. As long as you have a modern browser and an Internet connection, you can fund your online gambling indirectly with Zelle and bet in every market securely and conveniently.

Mobile offshore betting is the future, and Zelle – through the easy Zelle-BTC transfer protocol – is helping more players get on board, no matter where they live in the USA.

Online Betting Bonuses For Zelle-To-Bitcoin Deposits

Whenever you sign up and make your first deposit at an offshore betting site, you are offered a selection of bonuses. These are entirely optional, and they’re usually market-specific.

That is, if you are a casino gamer, you’ll want to accept a casino bonus, whereas sports bettors will want sportsbook bonuses, and poker players will want online poker bonuses. Horseplayers also get bonuses, though these are usually in the form of online horse rebates rather than actual free money you can get added to your bankroll.

When you deposit using Zelle, of course, you’re technically making a Bitcoin deposit, which gives you enhanced bonuses on top of what’s already in play.

The best part? Bitcoin and crypto bonuses at offshore sites don’t change the bonus terms or add any extra rollover or playthrough requirements – You just get more free money!

Zelle Same-Day Payouts

Because offshore casino, sportsbook, poker, and racebook deposits are actually Bitcoin deposits when you use the Zelle-to-BTC method outlined above, you will be eligible to claim same-day payouts when using Zelle.

Remember, cryptocurrencies are the only banking options at offshore betting sites that allow for same-day payouts, and Zelle deposits are crypto deposits. Thus, you get all the benefits of using BTC to fund your betting account without having to wait and miss out on the best tournaments, betting lines, poker matches, and horse races.

As long as you have a Bitcoin wallet or other crypto wallet, you can claim same-day withdrawals. Other deposit options require you to claim payouts via traditional banking methods, and these can take 3-5 days on average. For same-day payouts, using BTC and various supported altcoins gives gamblers and bettors one Zelle of an advantage!

Disclaimer: This website is not endorsed by or affiliated with Zelle in any way. Zelle is a third-party P2P app and e-Wallet platform that can be used to facilitate payments for online goods and services, including legal offshore betting. Zelle does not support or endorse gambling.

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