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Offshore Football Betting Sites

  • USA FriendlyThe Best Offshore Football Betting Sites In The USA
  • Learn About Legal Options For NCAA & NFL Football Bets
  • A List Of The Differences Between Domestic & Offshore Football Sportsbooks

In the United States, football is king in the realm of pro and college athletics as well as inside the dominion of betting on sports. There are many opportunities in the USA to wager on Las Vegas football odds, and this guide’s purpose is to detail the many reasons why offshore football betting sites are the best option.

One of the biggest draws of international football betting sites is their minimum age requirement of 18 years old, whereas most domestic sportsbooks are limited to those who are 21 and over. Read about the extensive perks available when betting on College Football or NFL odds at overseas sports betting sites in the sections below.

Best Online Football Betting Sites Operating Offshore In 2024

Site NameBonus OfferPayoutU.S.Join
Bovada Logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
Betonline Logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
MyBookie site logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
BetUS Logo125% Bonus Max $3,12524-48 HoursVisit Review

Is Betting on Football Legal in the US?

Yes. In the United States, NFL and College Football odds can be bet on at either domestic sportsbooks or at offshore betting sites that are located overseas. In fact, if you encounter a sportsbook of any kind that does not offer betting on the NFL or NCAA football odds, beware, as they are likely an unreputable operation.

Many US states that offer domestic sports betting require a minimum age of 21 to participate, but a few allow for 18-year-old gamblers to partake. The offshore sports betting sites that we recommend for football betting above allow 18-year-old online gamblers to wager on College Football and NFL odds from laptops and smartphones across the entire USA.

How To Bet On Football Games Locally

If you live in or near a state that allows for legal domestic sports betting and you meet the minimum gambling age requirements for that region, you can visit one of their venues and place a bet on the NFL, College Football, the CFL, XFL, or FCF  games at your leisure. You will find that most state-licensed sportsbooks struggle to compete with the extensive experience, attractive offshore bonuses and promotions, and sheer breadth of wagering options offered at international football betting sites.

How To Bet on Football Games Online

If you are not located within a state that offers domestic betting options, or you simply want a more convenient or competitive alternative, your best bet is one of the offshore betting sites we review operating from a legitimate gambling jurisdiction. All of the football sportsbooks featured on this site are operating legally within the industry and carry all the official credentials required to do so. Some of the brands we recommend have been offering their football gambling services to US bettors for decades. The details for joining an online football sports betting site are detailed in the section below.

How To Sign Up With An Online Football Betting Site

Offshore sportsbooks allow for 18 and over online football gamblers to join and bet on College Football games, NFL odds, and all other major levels of football.

As long as prospective football bettors have a recent internet-ready device loaded up with a current web browser, then access is available to the top offshore sportsbooks that we endorse. Locate the signup or join icon at the top of the homepage of the online sports betting site you wish to join and click it.

After entering your account details for your profile, users will be directed to the deposit section where funds can be uploaded using the US Dollar and various popular cryptocurrency options, which transact quickly and are the only option for a same-day payout withdrawal.

Once offshore sports betting accounts are funded and ready for football odds, locate the sportsbook section of the gambling site and the NFL, NCAA, and other football betting sections should be featured prominently toward the top of the page. Happy betting!

Football Betting Options At Offshore Sportsbooks

Online Betting On NFL Odds

NFL logoBetting on NFL odds is the number one attraction in sports gambling, and the National Football League is presented front and center at international sports betting sites. No matter if the season is ongoing or players are resting up during the spring, NFL football odds are in play at the most trusted offshore betting sites.

Super Bowl betting rules the roost as the most widely viewed and heavily wagered upon sporting event each year. Super Bowl & NFL prop bets number in the thousands and serve as a nice cap to several weeks’ worth of  NFL Playoff betting.

What is mentioned here is just a mere slice of a much larger cake loaded with NFL odds that are routinely served up at offshore betting sites like the ones featured in the table above.

College Football Odds

College FootballNCAA Football odds are a major driving force in the world of sports betting, no matter where the wager is being placed. College Football betting lines will be found at domestic and offshore sportsbooks featuring all major Power Five Conferences all the way through the lower levels of NCAA competition.

When the season is over, CFP betting begins with lines on the final three games to determine the National Champion. Offshore betting sites ramp up each January in their production of College Football Playoff odds, providing coverage for 18+ gamblers all across the United States.

Betting On CFL Vegas Odds

CFL FootballThe Canadian Football League operates north of the border and inspires CFL odds at offshore sports betting sites for regular season games, the playoffs, and the Grey Cup Championship Game. Like most other major sports, CFL futures are offered in the off-season for the upcoming champion.

Offshore Betting On XFL Odds

XFL logoThe XFL has merged with the USFL and now has its own division in the United Football League (UFL). Offshore XFL betting lines are once again prominent at international sportsbooks, as well as prop bets and championship futures for the team that could win it all at the end of the year.

Betting On United Football League (UFL) Odds

UFL logoThe XFL and USFL have joined forces to create the United Football League launching in March of 2024. Betting odds for the UFL and its inaugural season have already arrived via future odds listed at the best offshore sports betting sites. As the season progresses, oddsmakers will update game lines, future odds, and props leading up to the season finale.

Betting On Fan-Controlled Football

FCF footballStarting up during 2021, betting on Fan-Controlled Football followed a couple of weeks after the initial season began. This burgeoning professional football league is played indoors by teams that are owned by celebrities as well as current and retired athletes.

The best part is the fans control the play calling online while watching the game over the web via Twitch. Of course, the best way to completely control Fan Controlled Football is by taking part in betting on FCF odds at offshore sportsbooks. This endeavor can be mastered each spring as their fun yet brief FCF schedule commences.

Football Betting Tips

The first item to remember is that pro and college football seasons are long, and you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got enough cash for betting on the NFL, NCAA, and other levels of gridiron action for the entire duration.

The best way to protect your sports betting dollar is by limiting each wager to no more than 3% of your entire bankroll. That equates to 33+ football bets on your current budget and doesn’t even account for any winnings made gambling on NCAAF and NFL odds.

A quick way to drain your sportsbook account is by laying action on too many underdogs and their football moneyline odds. We’re not suggesting avoiding betting on dogs, but we do advise only laying a dollar or two on them as a potential football hedge for the entire weekend.

Best Football Betting Apps

As mentioned above, the offshore football betting sites that we review deliver their services to any internet-ready device, including smartphones. These are not downloadable football betting apps. The sports betting apps are accessed via mobile browsers on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices at lightning speed.

These mobile sportsbook applications deliver the best football betting lines available to any device that can connect to the web and offer push-button controls that feel like a real app without having to wait for it to install and verify your location.

Football Betting Promo Codes

When funding football sportsbook accounts at offshore betting sites, bonus cash offers via promo codes will be presented that will match a portion of the total for use in wagering on NFL and NCAAF games. Football betting bonus offers tend to range between 25%-75% of the deposit amount and usually top out at around $1,000.

While we do advise taking advantage of these football betting promotions, be sure to read the terms and conditions attached to ensure that they can be met. Once the decision has been made to accept a sports betting bonus, just enter the provided sportsbook promo code upon making the deposit.

5 Reasons Offshore Football Betting Sites Are Better Than Domestic Sportsbooks

  1. Overseas-based online football betting sites are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with customer support provided for that entire duration. Online domestic sportsbook sites can make a similar claim, but they are only available in a handful of states, unlike offshore books, which can be accessed across the entire USA.
  2. The options for betting on the NFL or NCAA Football odds at the age of 18 are few and far between when seeking out a domestic operator. Most offshore sports betting sites allow new members to join at 18 and wager on College Football betting lines and NFL odds at will.
  3. It is no secret that online options allow for actions to be taken at the location of the user’s choosing. With that said, betting on football from a remote location allows customers to take part in all of the NFL and NCAAF odds without having to enter a smoky casino or seedy book, and there are never any lines or waiting involved.
  4. State-based books have yet to adopt altcoins and continue to lean on USD as a funding source for NCAAF and NFL bets. Offshore sports betting sites are all in on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, and they provide the only available avenue for a same-day payout of winnings of all the offshore gambling banking methods.
  5. Many consider the best football betting sites to be the books operating offshore because of the sportsbook promo codes that add extra cash to take the sportsbook and lay some action on College Football or NFL odds. Most domestic sportsbook sites do not offer bonus sports betting cash.

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