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How To Make NFL Playoff Bets Online

NFL logoBetting on the NFL is one of the most exciting times of the year for avid sports bettors, where it’s win or go home until a champion is declared. If you want to know more about how to make NFL Playoff bets online, this guide points readers in the direction of the best football gambling sites available today.

Also discussed in detail are the different options available for betting on the NFL Playoffs, from game lines, prop bets, and in-game wagering while the clock is running. Is betting on the NFL Playoffs legal? We cover that and more in the following sections.

Best Offshore NFL Playoff Betting Sites For May 2023

Site NameBonus OfferPayoutU.S.Join
Bovada Logo50% Bonus Max $75024-48 HoursVisit Review
Betonline Logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
MyBookie site logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
BetUS Logo125% Bonus Max $3,12524-48 HoursVisit Review

Is NFL Playoff Betting Legal At Offshore Sportsbooks?

Yes. offshore football betting is popular in the United States and is the main revenue driver of sportsbooks that operate domestically and offshore. Nearly all US states now regulate either online, mobile, or in-person sports betting, with options for placing wagers on NFL Playoff odds present at each of them.

Betting on the NFL Playoffs at offshore sportsbooks is also legal in the United States because they exist outside the governance of federal gambling laws. They can lawfully offer their NFL Playoff betting lines online to gamblers in the USA, with many of them accepting members at 18 years old.

The offshore sports betting sites listed here represent the finest NFL Playoff gambling options available, and have provided safe and reliable services to US-based players for years.

How To Sign Up With An Offshore Sportsbook And Bet On NFL Playoff Odds

The offshore sports betting sites that are recommended here on this page are the sportsbooks that have earned the greatest reputation and are where we routinely place our own NFL Playoff wagers. As long as you meet their minimum age requirement and are within a state they allow signups from, you can sign up quickly and easily.

  1. The first step is researching each of the offshore NFL betting sites linked to here. Membership is not required to browse, so click on each link we’ve provided to learn more about each sportsbook. We recommend you sign up with more than one because it provides an opportunity to shop the NFL Playoff odds and gain the greatest edge on bookmakers.
  2. A signup or join button will be at the top of any offshore NFL Playoff betting site. Press it and enter some basic information to create your account. After creating your sportsbook login and verifying your account, it’s time to fund your bankroll.

Most account funding options upload within fifteen minutes, allowing you to lay some action on any NFL Playoff game on the schedule. NFL Playoff odds can be found inside the NFL or Football section at any sports betting site mentioned here.

Common NFL Playoff Bets

The NFL is the most popular gambling sport in the USA. The intensity heats up once the postseason begins and is wrapped up with betting on the Super Bowl, the most viewed and wagered-upon event each year.

Each game in each round of the NFL Playoffs will feature betting lines at any sportsbook you’ll encounter. All NFL Playoff betting lines will have a point spread, moneyline odds, and an over/under.

  • Point Spread – The number of points that each team is favored to win or lose by. Bets will cover if the team wins by more or loses by less than the spread. If the spread and the differential end up being the same, wagers are a push, and funds will be refunded to accounts. Fraction spreads remove the possibility of a push.
  • Moneyline Odds – These are odds that let players bet on the winning team. Underdog teams will have positive moneyline odds and will payout at more than the amount of the bet. The opposite is true for favored teams.
  • Over/Under Betting – The projected number of points both NFL Playoff teams will score is presented as the third element of postseason football betting lines. Winning bets will correctly guess if the final point total will be above or below the over/under.
Live Betting On NFL Playoff Games

After each postseason game begins, players can still place NFL wagers on the point spread, moneyline, over/under, and props at our most-trusted offshore betting sites. These in-game NFL betting lines can be removed anytime and remain active as late as the fourth quarter.

NFL Playoff Prop Bets

Stat totals, the first player to score, and whether a player’s wife is shown on screen during the game can all be bet on under the category of NFL Playoff props. Pretty much anything not covered by betting lines and futures can be considered a prop, and because it’s the playoffs, more are created per game than usual.

NFL Playoff Futures

Futures typically entail betting on the Super Bowl championship team, but NFL Playoff odds can also be considered wagering on futures. Categories include betting on NFL Division winners, which are an automatic top-four seed NFL Playoff qualifier, or props that ask yes or no as to whether each team will make it to the postseason.

NFL Playoff Parlays

A parlay bet is when numerous outcomes are incorporated into a single wager. This accomplishes two things that NFL gamblers like – raising the odds and skyrocketing the potential payouts. Most NFL Playoff bets are eligible for inclusion into a football parlay. Winning NFL parlay bets require all included wagers to win. Any single loss and the entire parlay bet is a loss. Just start adding NFL Playoff outcomes to your parlay calculator in the bet slip and watch the odds and payouts rise.

2023-24 NFL Playoff Schedule

  • Wild Card Weekend – January 13-15, 2024
  • Division Round – January 20-21, 2024
  • AFC Championship Game/NFC Championship Game – January 28, 2024
  • Super Bowl LVIII – February 11, 2024

NFL Playoff Betting Apps

mobile iconIf your Apple or Android device is connected to the web and can open a site using a mobile browser, then you’re armed with all you need to use it to bet on an NFL Playoff game remotely. Learn more about accessing each of our top recommended NFL Playoff sportsbook apps here.

Banking Options

Numerous options exist for adding funds to accounts and requesting payouts from our preferred offshore NFL Playoff betting sites. Learn more about how to deposit and withdraw winnings by reading our offshore betting sites banking options guide.

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