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Offshore poker sites have enjoyed a strong presence among US players in recent years. The game of poker has been a popular mainstay in America for well over a century, but it wasn’t actually until the early 2000s that it really took off via ESPN with the game of Texas Hold’em.

From that point onward, multiple poker sites began to spring up all over the place, from the USA to Uganda. Of course, the 2006 UIGEA regulations restricting gambling-related transactions basically crippled those sites operating within US borders.

Despite the UIGEA’s efforts to curtail online gambling transactions, you can still find a number of US-friendly options that are reputable, licensed, and safe online poker sites that operate outside of US jurisdiction. Poker hasn’t declined much in popularity even though the American government has tried to ensure that domestic poker rooms are not offering such games to USA citizens.

The idea as an American should be to find one of the safest offshore betting sites that offer a legitimately sanctioned, high quality, and secure gaming environment.  Here at Offshore Betting Sites, our number-one and only mission is to provide you with information based on legal poker sites that are situated outside of America.

We will tell you about the nation’s gambling laws, how you can legally play real money games online, which poker sites you can play at, and what makes a good site in our eyes. With this information, our hope is that you’re able to find a quality poker site with a phenomenal gaming experience. Poker is a very exciting game, one that can be argued takes pure skill to win consistently.  Until this venue grows within the US gambling market, visiting the best offshore poker sites is a viable option for American poker players.

Best Offshore Poker Sites For US Players In 2024

Site NameBonus OfferPayoutU.S.Join
Betonline Logo100% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
Bovada Logo100% Bonus Max $50024-48 HoursVisit Review

Is Playing Offshore Poker Legal for US Residents?

The USA is tough to figure out unless you really make it a goal of yours to decipher state-based legislation and the federal laws of the nation. And let’s face facts here: being a politico isn’t the forte of most gamblers. This is where OffshoreBetting Sites comes in. We have done the legwork for you.

The stance in the US concerning online poker has softened, with several states now offering domestic options. There are only a few states that currently allow online poker sites to operate within their state, and in most cases, the US-based online poker sites cannot compete with their offshore competitors when it comes to bonus offers, game selection, or tournament action.

There are no US federal laws that prohibit Americans from playing real money games at offshore poker sites as long as the site is legitimately licensed and regulated and is operating legally within the industry. Even if you live in an area where the government still acts like it’s 1515 and treats gambling as a mortal sin that will leave you suffering for eternity, you can still legally play Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud Poker, or any other card game as long as you’re doing so at an offshore site that’s not regulated by US agencies.

Types of Poker to Play at Offshore Sites

One thing you’re going to find with an offshore poker site is that there are multiple types of poker available. To understand this, let’s say that you found a live casino in your home state that offers up a poker room. So, you go into the poker room and see that there are 10 tables and around 30 or so players. But what are your options here? You have to play whatever the dealer is offering. You can’t just find a tournament of your choice. You can’t switch from a tournament to a ring game. You don’t get to decide the limit you play. And you certainly won’t get to pick the type of poker you play.

These things aren’t an issue with an offshore poker site. You will find thousands upon thousands of players on these sites. You will find table sections in tournaments, ring games, and much more. You can find freeroll tournaments to high-roller tournaments.

And if you want to play 7-stud or HORSE or Omaha instead of Hold’em, you can easily select these options. The fact is that playing with an online site based offshore gives you exponentially more gambling options than playing poker on location. The types of poker on an offshore site are in the dozens, whereas you’re going to be stuck with one via a real casino’s poker room.

Your Advantages in Selecting an Offshore Poker Site

We listed a big advantage for you in our above paragraph, touching on the multiple game variations at your disposal when playing poker online, but the benefits do not stop there. Follow along with us as we list a few of the best benefits. When it comes to the advantages of playing poker at some of the fastest-paying offshore betting sites, there are many different positives that may have you wanting to visit. Here are just a few of the benefits you can experience:

  • As stated above, you can pick the game, the limit, the structure, etc
  • There are always people on a website with whom to play any type of poker
  • You get to decide on your skill level and sit down where you want to sit
  • Online sites can give you big bonuses, whereas live poker rooms cannot offer such
  • You never have to travel or attempt to find enough people to play poker
  • You never have to wait around for a game; there are always people ready to go
  • You can play on your PC, phone, tablet, etc
  • Online security is incredibly tight when you deal with reputable poker rooms
  • You can start out with play money to learn how to play before investing
  • You get a true-to-life experience by being able to select live dealer poker options
  • Games never lock you in ’til the finish; you can check out with your chips anytime you want
  • Reputable sites cater to you with currency, so you don’t have to convert it yourself
  • Good sites won’t be hacked, so you don’t have to worry about people cheating you

What Makes a Poker Site Stand Out?

One thing that’s for certain when speaking about online poker is that there are thousands upon thousands of poker sites from which you can choose. But are they all the same? Generally speaking, almost all of them will offer a variety of games, and almost all of them use some type of random-number generator (RNG) to attempt to keep things fair. But there are things that make a poker room stand out. Below is a very quick list of some of the things the best poker rooms have that cut-rate poker rooms do not. So, if you’re looking for a good poker room, you want a site that has:

  • A large player base, always there and always active
  • A large variety of tournaments, freerolls, table, and ring games
  • Many different gaming variations
  • The ability to play multiple hands and/or multiple tables simultaneously
  • A great software platform that loads quickly and runs smoothly
  • Many sites offer lightening or speed play options that allow people who are looking for a profit to fit in more hands per hour
  • The capability to function well on mobile devices
  • Large online poker bonuses and promotions that are lucrative
  • A wide variety of methods for banking
  • Ironclad security that protects you
If you can find a poker site offering these sorts of things, then you’ve found one worth playing at. At Offshore Betting Sites, we work hard to vet these sites and to present them to you. If you’re looking for a winning poker site, just follow our lead and check out our winners.  You can also check out our list of reputable offshore casinos and offshore sportsbooks.

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