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Bovada Sportsbook And Casino Review – Top Rated Offshore Betting Site

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With the slogan “Raise Your Game,” the gambling site Bovada is easily one of the most thorough websites we have ever ran across. Now, this isn’t about singing the site’s praises in an introduction; it’s just about telling you what they offer. In terms of gaming options and things you can do at Bovada, you might want to pack a lunch. Not only does the site offer up a casino, but they also have a poker room, a sportsbook, and a racebook. Needless to say, it’s quite rare to be able to create an account with one site and to get practically every type of gambling site you can think of. If Bovada offered a bingo section, then they would offer basically every type of gambling website there is. Bovada itself is the name of the gaming site, not the company. The company is Salmon River Technologies Ltd, and their gaming site is licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission located in the Mohawk Territory. Salmon River has been around since 2007 and is actually a very small company of under 10 people. Even still, Bovada has earned a solid reputation over the years for good graphics, speedy payouts, and solid great support.

Bovada Sportsbook And Casino
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Is Bovada Sportsbook And Casino a Legit Offshore Site for US Players?

Bovada is a little all over the map. Their license and regulation comes out of Canada via the Mohawks, but their main site is operated out of Latvia in Europe. So, to whom do they cater – Canadians or Europeans? The answer here is that Bovada tries to cater to practically everyone. They’re a site that’s open for US-based players, and they have no issue whatever in accepting players from America. In fact, Americans make up a large percentage of gamblers at the site.

Overall, we’re giving Bovada our seal of approval as a legit website that Americans can play on. As you will see throughout this review, there is just a ton of great stuff that the website offers to gamblers, and they’re always looking to add more to their offerings. And since they’re technically outside of US jurisdiction, licensed up in Canada, they qualify as a legal offshore betting site that the American government cannot touch.

Is Bovada Safe?

In terms of website security, Bovada isn’t going to let you down. On their gambling site, they’re offering the same type of security to gamblers that e-wallets (Internet banks) offer to their customers. This means that people aren’t going to be hacking into the site any time soon. Bovada does a great job at keeping the riffraff out. They are also certified as a “shuffling” site, which means that their random-number generator software constantly resets and shuffles its own algorithm, so there is no one in the world, or even any technology, that can figure out which random numbers will be coming up next. Bovada’s software has been certified by iTech Labs in this regard, and this isn’t just given out to any old site. Bovada had to earn this certification. In the fair play category, Bovada is also well established for providing speedy payouts. Overall, they appear to be very safe.

Bovada Bonuses and Promotions

The bonus you receive from Bovada depends entirely on the part of the site with which you sign up. For instance, if you sign up with their offshore sportsbook, you can receive a deposit match of up to 50% on $250. That means if you put $500 into your account, you’ll be getting $750 to play with. The kicker here is that you don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get it. You will be given the money and allowed to bet the money. And after you’ve cleared the amount in bets, you can take it out if you choose. Likewise, their poker bonus is also lucrative. This is a straightforward 100% deposit match, but they give it to you on up to $1,000, plus you don’t have to wait forever to get the money to play with. For their casino bonus, this is perhaps the most lucrative of all. Overall, signing up to play at the Bovada casino can earn you up to $3,000 in bonuses, including deposit matches, reload bonuses, special game-specific bonuses, and more. Just be sure to check with the site itself for details. You never know when they’ll change things around a bit.

Speaking of changing around a bit, this is something Bovada is known for. They are all the time offering new and exciting bonuses for their players at their casinos, their poker room, their racebook, and their sportsbook. As long as you’re a loyal member with the site, you only have to check around the site every so often to find a new promotion that you can take advantage of, or some loyalty points that will get you some free games.

Bovada Gaming Selection

To fully express every single game Bovada offers would literally take three separate reviews. That’s how many games and betting options they offer up. This is because you have to spread things out over Bovada in general, which includes their sportsbook, their racebook, their casino, and their poker room.

Bovada Sportsbook

Going in order, their sportsbook is one of the most thorough you will find. They offer betting lines on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, international sports like cricket and Euro-league soccer, and much, much more. They also offer prop betting, live betting options, and all the different tiered bets and custom bets that you may prefer to make.

Bovada Racebook

Their racebook is also rather thorough. Now, no racebook is going to have every single race on the planet, but you can find horse races from multiple countries, different classes, harnessed and regular, and more. A good thing about their racebook is that, for many of the races, you can actually watch the horses run via a simulcast showing of the event. This is true for big-time races but also for races that most would consider an under-card.

Bovada Casino

For the site’s casino, you can expect to find all the typical games of a quality casino, including blackjack, roulette, craps, slot machines, keno, and more. You also get to choose from a long list of table options and limits, and you can even play on private tables if you don’t feel like sitting down with a bunch of people.

Bovada Live Casino

Bovada just released their live dealer games in early 2018.  This is a pretty big deal and gives players the ability to watch the cards being dealt in real time via a webcam video.  Players who bet big really prefer the live dealer games instead of playing against a random number generator.

Bovada Poker Room

Bovada’s poker room is probably one of the most expansive, at least in the context of poker. Not only do you find all the typical Hold’em tournaments and ring games that are standard with most legitimate poker rooms, but you’re also going to find freerolls, and other games like Omaha, Stud, etc. Best of all, the site is always packed with players, so you’re always going to find a game. Add it all up and Bovada has a ton of different gaming options, and each section of the site gives you different bonuses and promos.

Update September 2016: Bovada has discontinued their poker room.  They sold it to Ignition casino which is one of their sister brands.  We will update this page once we get a review done for Ignition.

Bovada Banking Options

Since Bovada caters to Americans and such a large customer base, they need a lot of banking options to meet the high demands of their market. You can find the usual banking methods with Bovada such as credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and some debit cards. Though you can also choose Rapid Transfer via MoneyGram, a wire/bank transfer, Western Union, and a check option. They also recently added Bitcoin as both a deposit and withdrawal method which makes USA players very happy as it streamlines everything in terms of depositing and getting money off the site.

Bovada Summary

To summarize everything we’ve learned about Bovada, we first have to start with the site’s solid reputation. Although they’re far from the only multi-game and multi-style site in existence, the may be the most highly rated based on the genre. They’re a very large site that offers a poker room, a casino, a sportsbook, and a racebook, add it all up, and you’re looking at literally thousands of different gaming and betting options. No matter what you want to place a bet on, you can find an option with Bovada. And they’re also an incredibly secure site that offers similar encryption security that you’d find with an online bank or e-wallet. This means that instances of account hacking are practically nonexistent with the site, and they’ve also been rated by iTech Labs as a legitimate “shuffle” site that truly delves out random numbers.

Is there anything negative to say about the site? Well, nobody’s perfect, and we personally feel as if Bovada could add a few more tangible banking options, and maybe they could really brush up on their live dealer options for casino games. But when it comes to variety, they have it in spades. Add in solid support and the fact that they’re US-friendly, and you’re looking at an offshore site that earns our seal of approval.

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