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2024 Guide To Betting On The UFL At Offshore Sportsbooks

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  • The 2024 United Football League Schedule Begins March 30th
  • The United Football League 2024 Is Made Up Of The XFL And USFL Divisions
  • Betting Futures For All 8 UFL Football Teams Are Available Now

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the XFL and the USFL, the United Football League promises to be the final incarnation of professional football over the spring and summer months. Once the season begins, gamblers will need access to the best offshore betting sites, and that’s exactly what we’ve provided here in this guide.

Gambling on UFL Football at offshore football betting sites is possible in all 50 US states, plus Washington, D.C. Keep reading to find out how to access these online sportsbooks in your state and why betting on UFL odds with them is legal. We also provide UFL betting tips and instructions on the different types of football odds you’ll encounter.

Best UFL Betting Sites For The 2024 Season

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Bovada Logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
Betonline Logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
MyBookie site logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
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Is It Legal To Bet On UFL Odds?

Yes. There are no laws against betting on the UFL or any other type of professional football. Most sports betting is centered around the game of football, so it would be unusual if a sportsbook didn’t feature odds for the NFL, College Football, or the UFL.

Offshore sports betting sites are run on servers that are based in other countries. These sportsbook sites offer UFL bets that are technically taking place outside of the USA, and they are licensed to do so by respected governments and/or international gambling authorities.

State-regulated sportsbooks exist in most states, but many of them are off-limits to anyone 20 and under. Not all states that authorize sports betting feature online or mobile sportsbooks, limiting the local options for UFL wagering. That’s one of many reasons we prefer offshore sportsbook sites when placing UFL bets.

Where To Bet On UFL Games?

Any operating sportsbook that targets US-based players should offer UFL odds, as well as betting lines for all other major football leagues. UFL betting can occur at domestic and offshore betting sites, with lines for each regular season and playoff game, prop bets, futures, and more.

International betting sites offer many advantages over local books, including accepting deposits and issuing cryptocurrency payouts, utilizing sportsbook memberships while traveling from state to state, and mobile gambling apps that don’t require a download. Readers are invited to click on any sportsbook link we provide on this page for more information.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

mobile iconApple smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) and Android devices of all types can access our sports betting sites remotely. By bypassing the download altogether, the top offshore UFL betting sites can be opened via mobile web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, and more.

All screen sizes and current models are supported, with options for UFL Football gambling, NFL betting, wagering on College Football, and all other popular sports happening worldwide. Everything you can do on the desktop sportsbook site can also be done on the mobile sportsbook version.

Types Of Bets For United Football League Games

UFL Betting Lines – Each UFL game gets its own betting line, complete with a point spread, moneyline odds for gambling on the team that will win, and the over/under. Each of these UFL bet types is detailed in the following three sections.

UFL Point Spreads – The first element of a UFL game line is the point spread. Oddsmakers assign point spreads to UFL Football teams to make an even matchup. Favored teams will have a negative point spread, and the underdog will have a positive number of points added. Teams must win by more than the spread or lose by less than the spread to cover and win the bet.

Moneyline Odds – UFL moneylines are the odds of each team winning the game. Favored teams usually have negative odds, which require more money wagered than can be won. The underdog will have positive odds and deliver more money than you wagered if they win.

Over/Under Betting – This is gambling on the total combined points of both teams being over or under the number given. Your bet will win if you wagered on the correct side of the over/under.

UFL Prop Bets – Player stats, UFL Football team stats, and other in-game achievements make up most UFL props that are offered online. Anything trackable in-game has the potential for a UFL prop bet to be created for the outcome.

UFL Futures – The most common types of UFL future bets are odds for the United Football League Champion and division winner odds. Futures remain active throughout the season and payout big no matter who you wager on if the bet is placed early enough. They typically list all teams that can still win the championship.

UFL Parlays – In mathematics, the probability of predicting occurrences lessens each time you add another outcome. The same is true in gambling. The act of combining multiple wagers is called creating a parlay bet. UFL parlay bets can be placed at any sportsbook we recommend and can also be combined with odds for other pro and college sports. Same-game parlays are often not allowed, requiring each leg to come from different games on the United Football League schedule.

2024 UFL Teams And Divisions

UFL teams

XFL Division

  • Arlington Renegades
  • DC Defenders
  • San Antonio Brahmas
  • St. Louis Battlehawks

USFL Division

  • Birmingham Stallions
  • Houston Roughnecks
  • Michigan Panthers
  • Memphis Showboats

2024 UFL Odds

  • Birmingham Stallions +320
  • St. Louis Battlehawks +400
  • DC Defenders +400
  • Arlington Renegades +500
  • Houston Roughnecks +680
  • Memphis Showboats +820
  • Michigan Panthers +1350
  • San Antonio Brahmas +1500

Betting On The UFL Playoffs

In the playoffs, each UFL Division’s top two teams face each other in the UFL Semifinals, hosted by the higher-seeded franchise. Unlike the NFL Playoffs and its three rounds, the UFL postseason only lasts one week before the final two teams remain.

The UFL Semifinals comprise the USFL and XFL Championship Games because each division is named after the two leagues that merged together in 2023. Betting lines and prop bets will be offered for both UFL Playoff games. USFL and XFL futures odds will take action on division winners year-round.

Betting On The UFL Championship Game

After the USFL and XFL Championship Games are over, the two remaining United Football League teams will move on to play each other in the year’s final game. Betting on the UFL Championship Game can be done in many ways, from game lines and prop bets to futures.

UFL futures odds are offered in the preseason and take action on the team that will win the title. UFL Championship Betting Lines are made up of the point spread, moneyline, and over/under for the finals. Just like when betting on the Super Bowl, the UFL Championship always features an excess of prop bets that allow wagers on all aspects of the televised broadcast.

Offshore Sportsbook Bonuses

All of the offshore betting sites we do business with promote sportsbook bonuses, which can deliver free cash to members meeting all terms and conditions. These funds can be used to bet on United Football League teams or any other sport you wish. Anytime players deposit into online accounts, a sportsbook promo code can be entered that will add a percentage of the transaction into their gambling bankrolls.

Accepting a bonus is entirely up to each gambler. Terms usually require rollover, which is how many times the bonus cash must be used in the sportsbook before a withdrawal can be made. If you can meet the playthrough conditions, then there is all the reason in the world to accept the bonus cash and use it to wager on United Football League odds.

Banking Options For Online Sports Betting

The sportsbook banking options that are accepted at our favorite betting sites vary, but there are some that players can expect across the board. These options include popular branded credit and debit cards and the most widely accepted cryptocurrency in the world – Bitcoin. Here are our top suggestions for making deposits and withdrawing winnings.

Deposits -Credit and debit cards can be used to make deposits, but not withdrawals. Uploads are quick but come with fees from the sportsbook and the lending institution. Bank wires and eChecks are accepted at some sites, but again, fees are attached, and transactions can take hours. Cryptocurrency deposits are often completed within fifteen minutes with no added fees. There is also the option to purchase sportsbook vouchers from other members or through MatchPay, a company that oversees voucher transactions. This is a nice feature because it allows you to make deposits any way you and the voucher seller agree to.

Withdrawals The fastest-paying sportsbooks always offer withdrawals using cryptocurrency. Not only do most altcoins offer same-day payouts, but there are no fees taking a cut out of your winnings. Some books allow bank wires with added fees, but not many. Again, sportsbook voucher sales open the door to unlimited payout options. As long as you and the voucher buyer agree on a method, it can be used for a sportsbook payout.

Tips For Betting On The United Football League 2024

If winning money is the name of the United Football League betting game, then making sure you don’t drain your wallet is a top priority. Not every UFL bet will be a winner, so players should take precautions to protect their bankroll and live to wager another day.

Never bet on your favorite team. Betting on local UFL Football teams will be based on optimism. Don’t allow your prejudice to overtake logic. Avoid UFL betting lines that involve the team you root for so you can make clear-headed, winning wagers.

If you lose a United Football League bet, don’t chase it to compensate. That’s a losing strategy and a sign of a problem gaming. Stick to your original betting budget for the day and restrain yourself from the urge to make up for losses by gambling on the next UFL game of the day.

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