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NFL Betting At Offshore Sportsbooks

NFL logoThere is no bigger draw at offshore sportsbooks than the Las Vegas NFL odds that populate their boards each fall and winter, and that’s because the National Football League is by far the most popular professional sports league in the United States.

NFL odds at offshore betting sites are available across the entire USA and can allow members to partake at the age of 18, unlike most domestic sportsbooks which require a minimum age of 21. Don’t place a bet on professional football online without taking in this comprehensive guide to NFL odds and the offshore betting sites that offer them first.

Best Offshore Online Sportsbooks for NFL Betting Lines

Site NameBonus OfferPayoutU.S.Join
Bovada Logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
Betonline Logo50% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
MyBookie site logo100% Bonus Max $1,00024-48 HoursVisit Review
125% Bonus Max $3,12524-48 HoursVisit Review

Is Betting On NFL Vegas Odds Legal In The USA?

Yes. Domestic and international online sportsbooks both provide legal options for betting on NFL Football odds.

Offshore – NFL betting picks can be placed online at any of the sportsbooks featured in our offshore betting site reviews. Bets can be placed at these online sportsbooks from anywhere in the United States* because there are no laws in place that prohibit or govern online sports betting venues that operate over the web from a jurisdiction outside of the USA. Members can join and place a bet on NFL games at the age of 18 or older.

Domestic – Several US states have passed laws that regulate domestic sportsbooks, and we’ve yet to hear of one that doesn’t offer NFL odds for Week 1 through 18, Super Bowl betting lines, as well as the National Football League’s Playoffs. Most of these retail sportsbooks require a minimum age of 21.

*The state of Washington has a ban on all online gambling in place

NFL Bet Types at the Best NFL Betting Sites

  • NFL Point Spreads – The first NFL betting option in a game line will be the point spread. This is a negative or positive number that discloses the amount of points that an NFL team is favored to win or lose by.
  • NFL Moneylines – These odds for NFL matchups allow for bets to be made on the overall winner, with positive odds indicating the underdog and negative odds placed on the chances of the favored franchise.
  • NFL Over/Under – This number is the line that NFL oddsmakers have declared as the amount that both teams will combine to score. Bets can be placed on whether the final point total will be under or over the line.
  • NFL Futures – These NFL betting lines involve a list of all teams or players involved in a particular future occurrence and places moneyline odds next to their chances of becoming the victor. These include Super Bowl odds, MVP bets, and next week’s game lines.
  • NFL Prop Bets – Odds for NFL occurrences that fall outside of the above-mentioned categories are pro football prop bets. Stat totals, MVP odds, Gatorade shower colors, or any other event that occurs during the game’s television broadcast are categorized as NFL prop bets.
  • NFL Parlays – A parlay is when more than one wager is combined into the same bet. All bets inside of the parlay must win or the entire parlay fails. Combination football betting increases the odds, which in turn, increases the payout potential.

Other NFL Betting Options

  • NFL Super Bowl Odds & Props – NFL Super Bowl betting options can be found at online sportsbook sites year-round and can receive action well in advance of the two teams becoming eligible for the big game. Of course, there are plenty of game lines once the AFC and NFC titleholders have been decided, with loads of Super Bowl prop bets following that predict all the action that takes place on and off the field.
  • NFL Playoffs Odds – Sure, there are game lines for each round of the NFL’s postseason (Wild Card Weekend, Divisional Round, Conference Championships), but months prior to that, wagers can be placed on playoff indicating odds such as NFL Division futures and Conference Championship odds.
  • NFL Draft Betting – Which rookie will be selected number one overall is just a tiny microcosm of the NFL Draft prop bets that are available to wager on each April. Prop bets for the NFL Draft will be available for all seven rounds that attempt to predict the correct order of players, the number of players selected from each school, and much more.
  • NFL Free Agent Prop Bets – The other way that NFL teams improve their rosters is by signing free agents that are currently unsigned to an active contract. NFL odds for where free agent players will end up appear when contracts expire, or when a star athlete makes a comment in the press.
  • NFL Pro Bowl Betting – The NFL’s version of the all-star game occurs the week before the Super Bowl and is becoming a more popular betting option each year. Futures odds for the Pro Bowl MVP, winning team, and more are on the boards the week leading up to the game but do not appear at other times of the year.

Strategy For Betting On NFL Games

NFL Betting Bankroll Management – When first entering the realm of online NFL betting, be sure to take it slow and set a maximum amount for each wager that does not exceed 3% of your total bankroll. Also, set a budget for betting on the NFL at offshore online sportsbooks that is sourced from disposable funds.

Don’t Overindulge In NFL Parlays – Sure, parlay wagers can up the odds and the resulting payouts, but they rarely hit, even when all the options are overwhelming favorites. Stick to the simpler wagers that are contained in the NFL betting line (spread, moneyline, totals) before branching out to more complicated options.

NFL Line Shopping – We recommend the online NFL betting sites above because we’re members ourselves, and prefer to shop the odds for the best options. Line shopping cannot be done unless the NFL bettor is a member with more than one sportsbook sites, and a quick click-through of each will reveal the disparity between each site and their NFL odds.

How To Sign Up Online With An Offshore NFL Betting Site

Membership is required to place a bet on an NFL game with an online sportsbook site, but signing up is not required to browse through each of the books we link to in the table above to find the pro football odds you’re after.

Once you know where you want to bet on the NFL, find the join icon on the homepage of the sportsbook and click it. You will be prompted to provide details to create a user profile. Once complete, prospective members will be directed to make their first sportsbook deposit.

Sportsbook deposits can be made using USD and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC). These online sports betting sites also offer bonus cash promotions that enhance online betting bankrolls so long as the terms and conditions are met.

Once your deposit is completed and the sportsbook account is funded, bettors can make their way to the pro football section and lay some action on NFL betting odds.

Advantages Of NFL Betting Offshore vs. Domestic

  • Offshore NFL sportsbook sites allow for patrons to join and place a bet at the age of 18, whereas a majority of domestic sports betting sites require a minimum age of 21.
  • International NFL betting sites allow for wagers to be placed on games from anywhere with an Internet connection, and does not require the download of a mobile app or travel to a brick-and-mortar location.
  • Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals can be made offshore, but domestic sportsbook sites are restricted to use of the US Dollar. Crypto such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) are more secure, process faster, feature higher bonus offers, and can be withdrawn within the same day.
  • Bettors who want to bet on the NFL at the most trusted offshore online sportsbooks can do so 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, backed by reliable customer support.
  • There are several states in the US that have yet to pass regulations for local NFL sportsbooks within their borders. In a large portion of the United States, offshore sportsbook sites are the only legit option for NFL betting odds – period.

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